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© 1996 Sakura Takeuchi, Goro Sanyo / Shueisha / Victor Entertainment / Studio Pierrot


Available on VHS from ADV Films.
OAV Series: 3 episodes on 1 VHS tape
30 minutes per episode
Version I Watched: Subtitled in English
Objectionable Content: Nudity, suggestive situations, brief violence

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My Dear Marie

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Average rating: * * (poor)

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Reviewed by: mary joyce (2005-01-29)

so hibiki finds out that marie is a robot so hiroshi had to do some thing so hi and her went to the fair after that they went to hibikis house and hibiki put some poposin drink to him and aferter that hiroshi fell a slepp and hibiki take off hiroshis clothes and then they did but she doest know how yo do it so he slap him and then said get yor shorts of and get ready of your thingie so you dont want to you elst so they fhigt and stuff and marie put a trace on hiroshi galasses so hibiki said now take off your clothes no i woll not sleep with a girl forward as you as you said that you have to do it more than ones and then marie came and saw them doing it and marie said hey he is in love with a classie woimen it a great episide you better watch it

Rating: * (awful)

Reviewed by: mary joyce (2005-01-29)

when hiroshi s frend came back hibiki fell in love wiyh him and then she knows that marier was a robot so he had to make a pomiser to hiroshi that never tell to any one but to have a date with him so asfeter that they went to hibikis house and hibiki put some sleeping poison on his drink and then he fell a sleep and then hiibiki satart to take of his shirt and have sex but he does no so he slap hirishi and the robot goil marie put a trace trace in his glass sohibikui wake him up and said get read your tning and they all fhigt and stuff and she sai d quick fulling around and take off your shirt no i will never force my self to sleep with a women as dfoward as you so you said that you have to do it more than onece

Rating: * (awful)

Reviewed by: zorak (2004-06-20)

I actually stumbled onto this by accident, I am a fan of cartoons but not so much for anime or manga. I was able to see the english subtitled version and I could tell this wasent a regular. I quite enjoyed the video but if I were to have any objections it would be the length of the series.

Not enough time was spend on the characters. The addition

of "objectionable material" was quite a nice change in a mature sort of way although im wondering what brought on the closing moments of the 3rd episode. I hope the series is expanded at a later date.

Also any info would be appreciated about this title, so far all I know is that this was created from a 10 volume comic strip.

Rating: * * * * (good)


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