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90 minutes
Version I Watched: English dubbed
Objectionable Content: Violence

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Poltergeist Report: Yu Yu Hakusho

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Reviewed by: Phoenix (2005-10-24)

The movie wasn't as good as i expected to be, but alot of anime movies do have a lack of introduction don't they?

However the storyline is actually quite the yu Yu hakusho type, but there are bit when you just want to burst out laughing because they didn't do a good job of animating it.

Although i must say it wasn't a completely good 100% excellent movie, it's enough to keep you interested and wanting to watch on.

i would recommend watching this, if you are into alot of fighting, but mind you, remember it's quite an old series, so the voices are kind of blurred...

Rating: * * * * (good)

Reviewed by: Crystak (2004-04-25)

Well, I for one think it was a good movie. now i am not about to pay 18 bucks to buy it, but you get the picture! Anyways, I first saw this movie on DVD, and i must say one thing about the lines... PROFANITY!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, they cuss almost every line, and the lines they dont cuss in are ike, 5 words long at most!!! I have to agree with other people when they say it is cliche, but i personally understood it! SO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! POWER TO YYH FANGIRLS!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! >=)

Rating: * * * * (good)

Reviewed by: Benjami D! (2003-08-20)

Wow...I admit it's not the best movie in the world (the story was fun to watch, but seriously cliche and the rest was hardly exceptional) but it's not really that bad. Poltergeist Report presents each of the Yu Yu Hakusho characters a new demon to overcome (both in a literal and figurative sort of way). It's not a monolith of anime perfection, but the action was pretty interesting and, seriously, who doesn't love seeing buildings get destroyed? I picked it up with very low expectations from the first one (it's a half hour "movie" that wasn't any better than any given single episode...hell, it was worse), so maybe the contrast from what I expected is all that has me worked up, but it's not really a bad movie at all and if you're a fan of the show, really something I think you'd enjoy seeing.

Rating: * * * (average)

Reviewed by: Michael Aragon (2003-08-18)

What the hell happen! This movie completely sucks! I hated this movie! This movie has nothing against the first movie. The First movie was great but this movie was terrible! It follows the adventures of Yusuke,the great Spirit Detective,and how he has to stop a supernatural ghost from ruling the world. The animation is pretty crappy,the story sucks,the characters our at their worst!And I noticed that I almost fell asleep half thru the movie. Thats how bad it is! If I could give this movie a lower rating than what I gave it here I would give it Zero Stars.

Rating: * (awful)


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