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Available on VHS and DVD from A.D. Vision.
OAV Series
45 minutes per episode
Martial Arts
What I've Seen So Far: episodes 1 (dubbed in English), episode 2 (English
Objectionable Content: Extremely graphic violence, nudity, disturbing sexual situations

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Ninja Resurrection

First of all, this is NOT a sequel to Ninja Scroll. The story, characters, and pretty much everything else is completely different. Now it's pretty obvious why A.D. Vision choose to portray this title as a Ninja Scroll sequel ($$$), but I think this was a little underhanded on their part.

So now that we know what Ninja Resurrection isn't, then what exactly is it? Well, it appears to be some sort of historical epic involving the Tokugawa Shogunate attempting to wipe out Christianity in Japan. There's a lot of action, featuring huge battles splattered with blood and gore. The style actually seems a little more like Yotoden or The Hakkenden, than Ninja Scroll.

As for Jubei himself, he's the leader of a small group of ninjas who act as commandos for the Tokugawa Shogunate. Of course, there are some oddities with this part of the story, such as a guy who can turn into a flying robot, or another who wields a portable SAM launcher. Um, yeah.

So is it any good? Well, as it stands, the answer is a definite "no". When A.D. Vision releases the rest of the series, then maybe it would be worth watching. Right now, however, only a die-hard action fan would probably enjoy this.


The second part, Hell's Spawn, continues the story of Jubei and gives some insight into his past.

The first fifteen minutes of this video were actually quite good. There was a decent amount of character development, and even one very nicely choreographed (and bloodless) martial arts duel. The animation was quite nice and aside from a few flashbacks, I was wondering if this was the same series.

But then things reverted back to the way of The Revenge of Jubei. The story shifts to focus on the villains, these resurrected samurai/demons. Before you know it, the blood starts 'a pouring and I'm sitting there looking to the heavens wondering "why?". Things eventually climax with the resurrection of Satan (who would *not* come back as a silver-haired bishonen, I guarantee you that). So now Satan and his minions are loose, and I'm wondering if I really want to see the third installment. Well, there's always hope.

Addendum part 2:

From what I've heard on usenet, the series is currently on hiatus. Only the two episodes have been made and it's unsure if additional episodes will be produced. I'm going to hold off writing a full review until I learn whether or not the series will continue.

Addendum part 3:

According to ADV's FAQ, Ninja Resurrection may be continued with 5 or 13 episodes. This has not been confirmed, however.

Addendum part 4:

The mention of a possible series continuation has since disappeared from ADV's FAQ. From all accounts, it doesn't look like this series will continue.