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Clannad: After Story

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Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2008 Duration: 24 min. per ep. Season: Type: Episodes: 24 Posted by: The Anime Critic Released on: Updated on:

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Synopsis Clannad: After Story

The Anime Critic’s Ultimate Review: Clannad: After Story

Greetings, anime aficionados! “The Anime Critic” here, geared up to delve into the heart-wrenching depths of Clannad: After Story. Now, hold onto your emotions, because this is one journey through life’s ups and downs that resonates with the soul. Ready to dive in?


Clannad: After Story, the sequel to the critically acclaimed slice-of-life series Clannad, follows the trials and tribulations of Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa. After graduating from high school, the couple faces the daunting challenge of adulthood. As they begin to build a life together, they must confront personal tragedies, professional obstacles, and deep emotional scars from the past. This series isn’t just a continuation; it’s an exploration of the strength of human spirit, the bonds of family, and the tear-inducing reality of life’s bittersweet moments.

With a careful blend of humor, romance, and drama, Clannad: After Story takes its audience on a poignant journey. It’s a tale that doesn’t shy away from the heartache of growth and change, painting a rich, emotional landscape that will captivate you from the first episode to the last. It’s an odyssey that is as much about finding oneself, as it is about discovering the deep connections that bind us to one another.

Review: Clannad: After Story – A Journey Through Life and Emotion

Emotional Impact:

Get ready for a tsunami of feelings! Clannad: After Story is a masterclass in emotional storytelling, able to draw out laughter and tears often within the same episode. The emotional depth here is vast and complex, covering themes of family, dreams, and loss with a delicate, yet powerful touch.

Art and Animation:

Visuals are stunning, with Kyoto Animation’s signature flair for expressive characters and breathtaking backgrounds. The animation captures the essence of each moment, from the sparkle of a character’s tear to the vibrant scenery of a blossoming town. It’s a visual feast that complements the emotional depth of the story.

Music and Sound:

The OST of Clannad: After Story is a true gem. It’s not just music; it’s the heartbeat of the series. The soundtrack, composed by Jun Maeda and Shinji Orito, beautifully enhances the storytelling, making the emotional moments more poignant and the happy times truly joyous.

Character Development:

Character growth is where Clannad: After Story shines like no other. The characters you’ve grown to love in Clannad mature before your eyes, facing life’s challenges head-on. This is character development done right, showing that the journey from adolescence to adulthood is both painful and beautiful.


The narrative of Clannad: After Story is a masterpiece of storytelling, weaving together various subplots into a cohesive and moving tale. It goes beyond typical anime tropes, offering a raw and realistic look at life’s trials, and it does so with grace and sincerity.

Rent, Buy, or Stream?

Verdict: STREAM, then BUY!

For first-timers, streaming Clannad: After Story is the way to go. This is an anime that needs to be savored, not rushed. And for those who’ve already witnessed the magic of Tomoya and Nagisa’s story, owning this touching tale is a no-brainer. It’s a series that deserves a special place on your shelf, to be revisited in times when you need a reminder of the resilience of the human heart.

Final Words

In the vast constellation of anime, Clannad: After Story is a bright, shining star. It’s a series that will take you on a roller-coaster of emotions, leaving you reflecting on your own life and the connections you hold dear. Whether you’re laughing through tears or pausing to catch your breath, this anime is an unforgettable experience that stays with you long after the credits roll.

Until our paths cross again in the vast anime universe, embrace the moments, cherish the memories, and keep the tissues handy!

*Stay heartfelt,*

The Anime Critic

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Disclaimer: This review is based on personal opinions and is spoiler-free. The enchanting journey of Clannad: After Story is a personal one, and your experience may differ. Remember, the beauty of anime lies in the unique connection it forms with each viewer!

Characters & Voice Actors

Okazaki, Tomoya Main
Furukawa, Nagisa Main
Nakahara, Mai Japanese
Okazaki, Ushio Main
Koorogi, Satomi Japanese
Sakagami, Tomoyo Supporting
Kuwashima, Houko Japanese
Fujibayashi, Kyou Supporting
Hirohashi, Ryou Japanese
Ibuki, Fuuko Supporting
Nonaka, Ai Japanese
Furukawa, Akio Supporting
Ichinose, Kotomi Supporting
Noto, Mamiko Japanese
Sunohara, Youhei Supporting
Furukawa, Sanae Supporting
Inoue, Kikuko Japanese

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