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Eve no Jikan (Movie)

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Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2010 Duration: 1 hr. 46 min. Type: Episodes: 1 Posted by: AC Released on: Updated on:

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Synopsis Eve no Jikan (Movie)

In the Japan of the future, employing androids for various purposes is nothing out of the ordinary. However, treating androids on the same level as humans is frowned upon, and there is constant paranoia surrounding the possibility of robots defying humans, their masters. Those who appear too trustworthy of their androids are chided and labeled "dori-kei," or "android-holics."

High school student Rikuo Sakisaka notices when his house droid, Sammy, starts behaving curiously—she has been leaving the house without his instruction. When he inspects the movement logs in her database, a cryptic line grabs his attention: "Are you enjoying the time of EVE?" Accompanied by his friend Masakazu Masaki, Rikuo tracks the whereabouts of his houseroid to a cafe called Time of Eve, where it is forbidden for customers to display prejudice against one another. The cafe, Rikuo realizes, is frequented by both man and machine, with no evidence to tell either apart.

Each customer—from the cheerful Akiko, to a robot dangerously close to breaking down—has their own story and challenges to overcome. While Rikuo tries to reveal Sammy's intentions, he begins to question the legitimacy of the fear that drives humans to regard androids as nothing more than mere tools.

All-Encompassing Anime Extravaganza: The Review of “Eve no Jikan” (Movie)

Nestled comfortably between the boundaries of humanity and technology, “Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve)” is a brilliant showcase of thoughtful storytelling and stellar animation. This is humanity introspected, reflected within the mirror of artificial intelligence and served upon a platter of richly painted visuals and nuanced narratives.

The world of “Eve no Jikan” is one where humans and human-like androids coexist. Androids, albeit indistinguishable from humans, are restricted by the Three Laws of Robotics. They follow orders, assist their masters, and are marked by halo-like rings above their heads. Amid this world, our protagonist, Rikuo discovers peculiar data from Sammy, his family android, leading him to a mysterious café called ‘Eve no Jikan’. The café’s most intriguing rule: no discriminations between humans and androids. Here starts our odyssey into suspense, drama, and philosophical musings.

Critique and Praise: What’s to Love and What’s to Reflect Upon

Firstly, the animation quality of “Eve no Jikan” is breathtaking. Whether it be subtle emotions fluttering on the characters’ faces or the stunningly detailed backgrounds, the aesthetics enhance the overall narrative. The subdued color palette offers an atmospheric mood, fitting seamlessly with the pensive theme.

The storyline, intricately woven inside an ordinary yet futuristic universe, displays a profound depth. The underlying motifs are powerfully conveyed mostly via dialogues, compelling the viewers to think and question. The narrative pace might be slow for some, but remember, “Eve no Jikan” is an enriching experience, not a rush.

Characterization in “Eve no Jikan” is excellently done. The human characters are relatable with tangible concerns and unwrapped layers of complexity. The android characters, from stoic to emotional, subtly challenge the precepts of humanity.

The sound design and score further accentuate the thought-provoking vibe of the movie. Soft piano melodies and nuanced ambient sounds entwined with a prominent silence perfectly echo the pensive theme and melancholic moods.

Final Thoughts: Should You Rent, Buy, or Stream?

Conclusively, “Eve no Jikan” is a multi-layered narrative that charms with its aesthetics and stimulates with its deep-seated themes. It is a masterpiece which ambitiously treads more profound territory, sparks an introspective conversation on our understanding of humanity and technology’s role in it.

For the impatient viewer, it might not offer immediate gratification. The charm of “Eve no Jikan” is in its cerebral nature, playing more like a ruminative visual novel than a traditional anime movie.

Renting this masterwork for a single viewing might feel insufficient, as each watch would unravel new layers, stirring thoughts and emotions differently. Buying it could be a wise decision for the keen collector or the analyst-type viewer. If you’re new to such theme-heavy anime or uncertain about the pacing, streaming would seem the ideal choice.

No matter the choice of consumption, “Eve no Jikan” is an experience to be savoured. So, dear reader, set aside some time, delve into this extraordinary world, and be ready to confront some existential questions you might have been avoiding all along!

Eve no Jikan (Movie)
7.97 / 10 Reviewer
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Eve no Jikan offers a thought-provoking storyline with philosophical depth that beauty intertwines futuristic technology and human emotions. The animation is detailed and visually appealing, coupled with well-developed characters and an immersive soundtrack that perfectly suits the anime's ambiance.
The pacing of Eve no Jikan can feel slow and dragging for some viewers. There's also a lack of action and excitement, as the movie focuses more on philosophical dialogues and concepts, which may not appeal to everyone.
Eve no Jikan (Movie) is an enchanting exploration of the boundaries and relationships between humans and androids. The anime frames its narrative with thought-provoking social commentary and empathetic character development. Its unique animation style combines beautifully with a deeply engaging story, making it a must-see for both sci-fi enthusiasts and anime lovers.
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Characters & Voice Actors

Sammy Main
Tanaka, Rie Japanese
Nagi Main
Satou, Rina Japanese
Masaki, Masakazu Main
Nojima, Kenji Japanese
Sakisaka, Rikuo Main
Fukuyama, Jun Japanese
Katoran Supporting
Ishizuka, Unshou Japanese
THX Supporting
Saiga, Mitsuki Japanese
Akiko Supporting
Yukana Japanese
Chie Supporting
Rina Supporting
Itou, Miki Japanese
Shimei Supporting
Kiyokawa, Motomu Japanese

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