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Isekai Ojisan

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Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2022 Duration: 24 min. per ep. Season: Type: Episodes: 13 Posted by: AC Released on: Updated on:

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Synopsis Isekai Ojisan

After a fatal encounter with a truck, Takafumi Takaoka's uncle, Yousuke "Ojisan" Shibazaki, lies comatose for 17 years. When he finally regains consciousness, Ojisan begins to ramble in a foreign tongue and reveals that he had been transported to a magical world called Gran Bahamal. Takafumi dismisses his uncle's claims as nonsense until an incantation makes a cup of water hover in the air. In a flash of brilliance, the pair creates a YouTube channel to showcase Ojisan's magical abilities.

The responsibility now falls on Takafumi's shoulders to acquaint Ojisan with everything that has transpired during his absence, including getting him up to speed with the internet, new technology, and surprisingly, the outcome of the '90s console war—the result of which was especially distressing for a hardcore SEGA fan. With Ojisan's wisdom from his other world experiences, they grow their YouTube channel and tackle online comments and trolls. The journey of this uncle-nephew duo promises to be anything but conventional.

Isekai Ojisan Anime Review by ‘The Anime Critic’

Have you ever imagined what would happen if your quirky, eccentric uncle suddenly disappeared without a trace, only to reappear two decades later, spouting tales of fantasy and adventure in another world? No? Well, this is the exact premise that ‘Isekai Ojisan’ meaning ‘Uncle from Another World’, an interestingly unique manga series turned anime, introduces. This entertaining series filled with wit, humor, and a refreshing spin on the popular isekai genre, is definitely an experience to dive into!

As part of the story, we have Takafumi, an ordinary young man, who is thrown off-balance when his Uncle, the comical Genjuro, returns twenty years after disappearing to play a video game! Genjuro hasn’t aged a bit, claims to have spent the past two decades in a parallel, fantasy world and is now ready to share his outlandish experiences. With crazy adventures that include teaming up with a cat-eared ‘Neko-girl’, battling dragons, and mixing juices to produce magic potions, ‘Isekai Ojisan’ provides an intriguing blend of humor, fantasy, and some peculiar life lessons!


Upon entering ‘Isekai Ojisan’s’ world, viewers are met with a refreshing twist within the fantasy genre. Avid isekai fans are bound to find solace in the traditional tropes, yet, at the same time, the series playfully parodies these same elements, adding an enthusiasm rarely found in the genre. The result? A hybrid blend of comedy and fantasy that both celebrates and satirizes a beloved anime trope. Its self-awareness seeps into the narrative, making it highly entertaining and original.

Characters and Animation

The dynamic between Takafumi and Genjuro provides the backbone of the story. Genjuro is flamboyantly enthusiastic about his adventures, albeit a bit naive from his years away from modern society, while Takafumi provides the more grounded perspective—a humorous combination! The series is consistent with its animation, offering stylish and vibrant visuals, especially for the parallel world segments.

Story and Pacing

The story’s pacing is another major winning point. ‘Isekai Ojisan’ uses flashbacks to illustrate Genjuro’s adventures, leading the viewers through an exciting ride without making things too complex. Although it’s primarily a comedy, the series doesn’t shy away from delving into some serious themes, which are carefully interwoven into the primary narrative, providing an occasional change of pace.

Should You Watch It?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a dedicated anime enthusiast or someone who’s new to the genre, ‘Isekai Ojisan’ provides a unique viewing experience filled with laughter, action, and some unexpectedly touching moments. Its fresh take on a well-trodden genre keeps it captivating from start to finish. So, regardless of whether you decide to rent, buy or stream, the adventures of Genjuro and Takafumi are one journey you wouldn’t want to miss!

In conclusion, ‘Isekai Ojisan’ is a roller-coaster ride of fun, laughter, and unpredictability. It’s an exhilarating fun-filled adventure in another world, made even more enjoyable by the perspectives of a goofy, game-loving uncle, and his incredulous nephew. It’s excellently paced, brilliantly animated, and delivers a compelling story that will keep you glued to your screen. Definitely worth the watch!

Isekai Ojisan
7.82 / 10 Reviewer
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Isekai Ojisan stands out for its unique blend of comedy and fantasy elements, delivering plenty of laughs for viewers. The anime has a solid and engaging plotline, further supported by well-drawn characters and detailed artistic design.
The anime is criticized for its thin plotline and repetitive humor, often revolving around the same running gags. Some characters, particularly women, are perceived as underdeveloped, creating a lack of depth in the narrative.
This anime review looks at the distinctive elements and comedic twists in "Isekai Ojisan." The hilariously relatable character interactions and contrasting personalities provide an interesting take on the isekai genre. The review delves into the plot development, characterisation, as well as the anime's somewhat unique narrative style.
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Characters & Voice Actors

Ojisan Main
Koyasu, Takehito Japanese
Takaoka, Takafumi Main
Fukuyama, Jun Japanese
Elf Supporting
Tomatsu, Haruka Japanese
Rayveil, Mabel Supporting
Yuuki, Aoi Japanese
Fujimiya, Sumika Supporting
Komatsu, Mikako Japanese
Edelsia, Alicia Supporting
Toyosaki, Aki Japanese
Sawae Supporting
Kanemoto, Hisako Japanese
Striga, Raiga Supporting
Crosstruger, Edgar Supporting
Greyler, Mira Supporting
Uchiyama, Yumi Japanese

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