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Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2003 Duration: 23 min. per ep. Season: Type: Episodes: 22 Posted by: AC Released on: Updated on:

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Synopsis Texhnolyze

In the dark underground city of Lux, people live in fear and despair under the rule of various criminal factions. Almost secluded from the surface, the gangs' only interaction with the outer world is their mining operation of "raffia," which is the raison d'être of the city.

Available only in Lux, this rare substance is the basis of "texhnolyze" transplants that permit humans to replace parts of their body with cybernetic prostheses. The latter have the particularity not to trigger an immune response in their hosts and the "Class" has the privilege to conduct research on them. This elusive organization, also in charge of the raffia production, delegates its executive authority to a group called Organo led by Keigo Oonishi—a self-righteous man with texhnolyzed legs who is rumored to hear the "voice of the city."

The fragile balance of powers in Lux is disturbed when a mysterious visitor named Kazuho Yoshii begins committing a series of crimes that puts the gangs at each other's throats. In the midst of the chaos, new actors emerge: Ichise, an ex-boxer mutilated by Organo and recently texhnolyzed by Eriko "Doc" Kamata; and Ran, a young florist who can see the future. While Lux steadily plunges into insanity, both Ichise and Ran find themselves involved in the greatest crisis the city has ever faced.


In a dark futuristic city named Lux, filled with desolation and violence, we find your atypical protagonist, Ichise. A prize fighter with a chip on his shoulder who loses an arm and a leg in the ensuing chaos of this harsh world. Lux is a city struggling with the growing divide between the affluent that live in the upper city and the denizens of the underworld. It is against this backdrop that Ichise’s journey of survival unfolds, as he embarks on a brutal quest for answers laced with despair, humanity and the purgatorial struggle of existence.

When an advanced technological organization, Texhnolyze, takes interest in Ichise, replacing his lost limbs with powerful prosthetics, circumstances push him deeper into the city’s murky politics and existential conundrums. Largely dominated by Organo, a gang with connections to Texhnolyze, the city is on the brink of civil war as different factions vie for control. Intertwined with other compelling characters including Ran, a psychic girl from the city’s outskirts, and Onishi, the pragmatic leader of Organo who has a strange connection with the city, the narrative explores themes of fate, evolution, and the raw struggle of human survival.


Texhnolyze is a whirlwind tour through a bleak but engrossing dystopia, and that’s what makes it a riveting watch! Among the sea of animes, Texhnolyze is a significant standout by virtue of its mature storytelling, slow-paced introspective narrative, and dark atmospherics that keep you guessing till the end.

Graphically, the anime exudes a stark, spartan charm. The visuals are a poignant blend of harsh, noisy grain with soft pastels and obtuse, angular character designs that are both alluring and uncomfortable – a visual metaphor for the story itself. Texhnolyze’s soundtrack masterfully escalates its ambience, with ambient music exuding palpable tension ana a quiet dissonance that reinforces the show’s somber mood and gritty realism.

The narrative style of Texhnolyze may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you give it a chance, it grows on you. It’s a slow-burn; a piece of methodical and meticulous art, frosting minimalist dialogues over dramatic visuals and ambiance.

Let’s talk characters: Ichise is a complex creation. A victim and instigator of violence, evoking both sympathy and repulsion, he navigates through the narrative and personal dilemma with an almost anti-heroic appeal. Ran’s serene nature is constantly challenged by her ability to see the multiple potentials of the future, creating a character as intriguing as she is tragic.

In the end, the abstract story speaks volumes and the final episodes are haunting yet fulfilling, wrapping up the story ingeniously. This is not a show for the faint of heart, but if you’re up for some intellectual heavy lifting, or are interested in ghastly, engaging dystopias, Texhnolyze is a must-watch. It might be challenging to get into initially, due to its measured pacing and atmospheric dialogue, but sticking with it will reward viewers with a truly unique anime experience.

So should you rent, buy or stream it? Either way works. If you are a fan of concrete storytelling with deliciously intricate plot threads and are ready for a plunge into the profound depth of existential themes, this addition to your anime collection would be totally worth it. Stream it first, get absorbed in the city of Lux and you’ll surely be tempted to own it.

To sum it up, Texhnolyze is an intense, melancholy love letter to mature anime fans, and it delivers its intent with panache! It is a show that will make you think, even long after the credits roll. And in the realm of anime, there’s no higher praise than that.

7.76 / 10 Reviewer
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Texhnolyze boasts a deep, philosophical narrative that leaves the audience contemplating long after the series ends. Its animation quality remains impressive, creating a hauntingly beautiful, dystopian world, complemented by an unapologetically mature and existential storyline.
The pacing in Texhnolyze is slow and the story is filled with intense, graphic violence which may not appeal to all viewers. The complex narrative can be hard to follow, with many elements left ambiguous or unexplained.
Texhnolyze is an in-depth exploration of existentialism spun with a captivating dystopian narrative. Its profound themes, coupled with dark and cryptic storytelling, creates an immersive environment that leaves the viewer entangled in its web. Its highly detailed animation style adds to its allure, making it an anime series worth considering for fans of deep, psychological narratives.
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Characters & Voice Actors

Ichise Main
Haga, Satoshi Japanese
Ran Main
Itou, Shizuka Japanese
Yoshii, Kazuho Supporting
Inoue, Takashi Japanese
Oonishi, Keigo Supporting
Kamata, Eriko Supporting
Niki, Shizumi Japanese
Shinji Supporting
Kitade, Shinya Japanese
Tooyama, Haruhiko Supporting
Hoshi, Mitsuaki Japanese
Kano Supporting
Tanaka, Kajirou Japanese
Sakimura, Tatsuya Supporting
Haru Supporting

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