About MARP

So what is this "Meta Anime Review Project" thing anyway?

A short while ago, I was trying to cross-reference reviews of a particular anime. I was a little frustrated at the time it was taking, and found myself thinking, "I wish there was something like Rotten Tomatoes, but for anime". Bing! The little light bulb came on, and suddenly I was thinking, "There should be something like Rotten Tomatoes for anime, and by golly, I'll build it myself if I have to!"

So, I did. Or at least I started. What you see on this site is the work that's been completed so far, and believe me, there's tons left to do. It's been tentatively titled it the "Meta Anime Review Project", until something better comes along.

Right now, plans are basic and I hope to implement the following features:

  • titles searchable by title, average rating, or genre
  • individual titles with general info, links to various reviews, and an overall average rating (this has pretty much been completed)
  • easy-to-use management system to allow quick and painless additions and updates (this is the most important!)
  • cataloging every available anime to date (I can tell you right now, I won't be able to do this alone!)

I don't know if this project will get completed, but I'd like to try.

With the large number of anime being released these days, I think this could become a valuable resource for the anime community. And with a little time and luck, I really hope it does.

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