Zatch Bell

(Gash Bell)

(Konjiki no Gash Bell)

Distributor: VIZ Media
[Zatch Bell]
Kiyo, a genius but introverted middle school student, hates going to school and has trouble making friends... until one day when Zatch comes crashing through his bedroom window! Zatch is a present from Kiyo's father, who saved the little tot on an archaeological dig and hopes that Zatch will help motivate Kiyo to go to school and make friends.
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Vol. 1 - "’s a really great show for the young'uns."
Anime News Network (Zac Bertschy) - B

Vol. 1 - "The show is formulaic but well executed..." (Chris Beveridge) - C+
Vol. 2 - Read the review (Chris Beveridge) - D+
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