Final Fantasy: Unlimited

Distributor: ADV Films
[Final Fantasy: Unlimited]
The gateway to another world appears suddenly one day and with its coming awaken two mysterious beasts of astonishing power. The monsters appear to destroy each other and then vanish. Twelve years later, the twin children of two scientists who disappeared on this so-called Day of Conjunction go on a hazardous quest in search of their lost parents. Ai and Yu travel to Wonderland, a chaotic world of amazing beauty and thrilling danger.
TV Series: 25 episodes

Average Rating

Average Ratings: 30
Number of Review Sites: 7
Below Average

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"It's lazy, sloppy, unfocused rubbish of the lowest order ... "
Anime Jump! (Chad Clayton) - 1/2 star (out of 5)

Vol. 1 - "Despite its somewhat formulaic plot, Final Fantasy is an ambitious series and manages to be visually engaging."
Anime News Network (Allen Divers) - B

Vol. 1 - "I wasn’t expecting real Final Fantasy going into it so I’m not coming away disappointed." (Chris Beveridge) - B-
Vol. 3 - Read the review (Chris Beveridge) - C+
Vol. 4 - Read the review (Chris Beveridge) - C
Vol. 5 - Read the review (Chris Beveridge) - C-
Vol. 6 - Read the review (Chris Beveridge) - D+
Vol. 7 - Read the review (Chris Beveridge) - C
Anime on DVD

Vol. 1 - "Fun, but not all it could have been." (Patrick King) - 71%
Vol. 2 - Read the review (Patrick King) - 68%

"I'm a long time fan of Final Fantasy in general but Unlimited's take on the franchise left something of a bad taste in my mouth. "
DVD Talk (Todd Douglass Jr.) - 2 1/2 stars (out of 5)

Vol. 1 - "Good marketing cannot save poor anime with a story that is dead on arrival." (Rob Lineberger) - 56 (out of 100)
Vol. 2 - Read the review (David Gutierrez) - 40 (out of 100)
Vol. 3 - Read the review (David Ryan) - 70 (out of 100)
Vol. 4 - Read the review (David Ryan) - 80 (out of 100)
Vol. 5 - Read the review (David Ryan) - 83 (out of 100)
Vol. 6 - Read the review (David Ryan) - 77 (out of 100)
Vol. 7 - Read the review (David Ryan) - 65 (out of 100)
DVD Verdict

"...rather than dwelling on the mystery of magic and action involving powerful beasts, the audience gets to watch the children get into various chocobo shenanigans usually involving the yanking of Ai's pigtails."
T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews (Carlos Ross) - 3 stars (out of 5)