List of Anime/Manga Merchandise I Own

Note: Even though I've seen a lot of anime, I actually rent most of what I watch and don't buy very much. Currently, I only buy DVDs.


Goshogun: The Time Etranger (subtitled)
Green Legend Ran (dubbed)
Gunsmith Cats: Bulletproof (dubbed)
Kite (subtitled)
Metal Fighters Miku volumes 1-6 (subtitled)
Patlabor 1 (dubbed)
Patlabor 2 (dubbed)
Original Dirty Pair volumes 1-5 (subtitled)
Record of Lodoss War volumes 1-2, 4 (dubbed)
The Slayers volume 5 (subtitled)


Battle Athletes Victory volumes 1-8
Blood: The Last Vampire
Castle in the Sky
Cowboy Bebop volumes 1-3, 6
Eat-Man 98 2-disc set
El-Hazard boxed set
Esacflowne boxed set
Gundam 08th MS Team volumes 1-4
Haunted Junction 2-disc set
Macross Plus volumes 1-2
Niea_7 volume 1
Ninja Scroll
Night Warriors volumes 1-2
Outlaw Star volumes 1-3
Phantom Quest Corp Perfect Collection
Princess Mononoke
Record of Lodoss War boxed set
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight boxed set
Revolutionary Girl Utena volumes 1-2
Rurouni Kenshin volumes 1-2
Sakura Diaries: Collector's Edition
Serial Experiments Lain Boxed Set
Spirited Away


Fushigi Yuugi OST
Record of Lodoss War OST 3
Record of Lodoss War TV OST 3
Vision of Escaflowne: Over the Sky (OST 1)
Vision of Escaflowne: Lover's Only (OST 4)

Manga TPBs

Note: I only buy manga in TPB form. It's cheaper, easier to store, and lasts longer.

Appleseed volumes 1-4
Battle Angel Alita
Battle Angel Alita: Tears of an Angel
Battle Angel Alita: Killing Angel
Battle Angel Alita: Angel of Victory
Battle Angel Alita: Angel of Redemption
Battle Angel Alita: Angel of Death
Battle Angel Alita: Angel of Chaos
Battle Angel Alita: Fallen Angel
Battle Angel Alita: Angel's Ascension
Black Magic
Blade of the Immortal: Blood of a Thousand
Blade of the Immortal: Cry of the Worm
Blade of the Immortal: Dreamsong
Blade of the Immortal: On Silent Wings
Blade of the Immortal: On Silent Wings II
Blade of the Immortal: Dark Shadows
Blade of the Immortal: Heart of Darkness
Blade of the Immortal: The Gathering
Blade of the Immortal: The Gathering II
Blade of the Immortal: Secrets
Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal
Chirality Book 1
Dirty Pair: Biohazard
Dirty Pair: Dangerous Acquaintances
Dirty Pair: A Plague of Angels
Dirty Pair: Sim Hell
Dirty Pair: Fatal But Not Serious
Dirty Pair: Run From the Future
Domu: A Child's Dream
Eat-Man: Second Course
Futaba-kun Change volumes 1-5
Ghost in the Shell
Gunsmith Cats: Bonnie and Clyde
Gunsmith Cats: Misfire
Gunsmith Cats: The Return of Gray
Gunsmith Cats: Goldie versus Misty
Gunsmith Cats: Bad Trip
Gunsmith Cats: Bean Bandit
Gunsmith Cats: Kidnapped
Gunsmith Cats: Mister V
Inu-Yasha volumes 1-2
Mobile Police Patlabor volumes 1-2
Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind: Perfect Collection volumes 1-2
Rumik World Trilogy volumes 1-3
Shadow Lady: Dangerous Love
Shadow Lady: The Awakening
Shadow Lady: Sudden Death
Slayers: Medieval Mayhem
Sorcerer Hunters volume 1
Star Wars: The Manga volumes 1-2
X/1999: Prelude
You're Under Arrest: The Wild Ones

Anime Model Kits

Gundam X Leopard 1/144 (completed)
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Tallgeese III 1/144 (completed)
Gundam F91 Heavy Gun 1/100 (under construction)
Gundam F91 G-Cannon 1/100 (in the box)
Gundam 08th MS Team GM Sniper 1/144 (in the box)
Gundam 08th MS Team RX-79 Gundam versus Zaku II 1/144 (in the box)
Gundam 0080 GM-Command RGN-79GS 1/144 (under construction)
Gundam 0080 GM-Command RGN-79G 1/144 (in the box)
Gundam 0080 NT-1 1/144 (in the box)
Patlabor - Griffon Labor 1/60 (in the box)

Misc Thingees

Fushigi Yuugi Wallscroll
Slayers Wallscroll

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