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90 minutes
Action/Science Fiction
Version I Watched: English dubbed
Objectionable Content: Nudity, sexual situations, graphic violence

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Big Wars

Well, this anime wins the "cheesiest title ever" award hands down. They couldn't think of anything better than Big Wars? Yeesh, I guess the good titles were taken. So looking past the crappy title, what does Big Wars (snicker) have going for it? Unfortunately, not too much.

Now taking a glance at this movie, you'd probably guess that it's about a war, right? Well, until the first minute has passed, this appears to be the case. A race of aliens known only as the "Gods" (yeah, I know) attack humanity. Capable of subverting humans to their cause, humanity must fight back or face destruction. The first few scenes are some nicely animated action sequences featuring interesting flying machines and such. After a few more minutes the movie turns into a psychological thriller similar to Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Even though it is a little on the cheesy side, this *could* have made for some decent entertainment.

However, things get a little too convoluted to a point where I wasn't sure who was what and where the heck this was going. Evidently, the writers must have felt the same way, for suddenly the movie shifts directions into an extended all-action finale. Unfortunately, the blending of these two entirely different styles are is not seamless. While watching the latter half, I had almost completely forgotten the earlier events. The end result is a story that is confused, sloppy, and unentertaining.

I gave this movie two stars for some reason, right? Well, the action sequences were the only thing even remotely interesting. If this movie had focused on the war theme instead of beginning with the silly intrigue stuff, then it might've been a lot more entertaining.

The dubbing was passable, but nothing noteworthy. The visuals were pretty good, with decent animation and stylish artwork.

Overall, Big Wars is a big disappointment. Unless you are a die-hard science fiction fan, then take a pass on this movie.

The Verdict: * * (poor)