Demon Slayer Nezuko Kamado Figure Set Review

Demon Slayer Nezuko Kamado Figure Set Review


This stunning 1/8 scale figure set depicts Nezuko Kamado from the acclaimed anime film Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – Mugen Train in her eye-catching pink kimono. Licensed by Aniplex and produced by manufacturer APEX, this collectible captures Nezuko’s endearing personality across multiple charming pieces.

Captivating Details Throughout

First, the exceptional care to Nezuko’s flowing hair and distinct horn accessory deserves praise. Gentle paint gradients highlight individual strands for realism. Her iconic bamboo mouth gag looks discretely integrated rather than haphazardly tacked on.

The bright colors and patterns of Nezuko’s pink kimono also dazzle. Intricate floral Motifs and threading pop against the base fabric. Even tiny touches like the golden floral clasp holding her collar closed accentuates tailored tailoring. It looks and feels like Nezuko has a custom stage costume rather than generic garb.

Playful Poses & Accessories

While Nezuko stands confidently in her formal outfit, playful poses with nautical accessories show off her childlike innocence. The included figure of relaxing Nezuko clutching an oversized red floatie captures hearts. Her bright, carefree expression says she’s ready for summertime water play!

An additional parade float accessory piece allows displaying Nezuko waving gleefully. Interchangeable arm parts make switching between poses effortless. The float even has tiny sculpture details like a clownfish, starfish, and octopus.

Top Shelf Craftsmanship

As expected from a premium statue maker like APEX, construction feels reassuringly weighty. Clever assembly solutions like slide-on fabric parts and hidden support pegs maintain visual appeal. Nezuko can strike balances poses without fear of toppling. Vibrant colors and sleek paint application withstand close scrutiny.

For anime fans and Demon Slayer devotees, this multi-part set captures Nezuko’s upbeat charm perfectly. The price tag matches the exceptional craftsmanship and presence on display. This centerpiece collectible will stand out in any otaku’s shelves!

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