Debutante Detective Corps box cover

© 1996 Toho / Head Room / Marcus


Available on VHS from A.D. Vision.
30 minutes
Version I Watched: Subtitled in English
Objectionable Content: Cartoon violence

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Debutante Detective Corps

Looking at the cover of Debutante Detective Corps, I can conclude one thing: A.D. Vision is sure good at selling their product. Just look at the colorful box art; five, beautiful anime girls arranged in a stylish layout with vibrant colors and such a sharp-looking logo. I could drone on forever about the quality of this box cover.

And you know what? I might as well drone on forever about the box because once you pop Debutante Detective Corps in your VCR, there's nothing else worth noting. I mean, really, there's nothing here, folks.

Debutante Detective Corps begins with introductions to the five main characters, Miyuki, Reika, Youko, Nina, and Kimiko. It seems these five girls are incredibly rich and have been sent a threatening video tape by forces unknown. A police guard is set up at the school where the girls have enrolled. Kimiko, however, doesn't like the idea of being cooped up at school, and convinces the rest of the girls to trick the police into leaving. No sooner are the police gone, however, then the girls are assaulted by three armed terrorists. What ensues is a rather silly escapade with our heroines attempting to thwart their attackers.

I'm actually amazed that this entire little plot takes place in the span of only half-an-hour. Given the short running time, there's absolutely no character or plot development to speak of. Everything just sort of happens, without any reasons for why it's all happening. There is some action and a few attempts at comedy, but without a decent story to back things up, it ends up being pretty dull as a result. The ending even tries to wrap everything up in a five-second explanation, but it's just a lame finish to a lame anime.

I'll admit the character designs themselves weren't bad, if uninspired, and the art quality was on par with most other anime. But aside from that, there's just nothing else to recommend. This is one anime to leave on the shelf.

The Verdict: * * (poor)


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Debutante Detective Corps image
Debutante Detective Corps image
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