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Available on VHS and DVD from Anime Works.
30 minutes
Version I Watched: English dubbed
Objectionable Content: Nudity, sexual situations

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Demon Fighter Kocho

My initial impression of Demon Fighter Kocho was that it was either going to be a parody or ripoff of Devil Hunter Yohko. The obviously similar titles and fact that Kocho and Yohko's outfits seem to come from the same designer only reinforced this belief. But once I started watching, I found that Demon Fighter Kocho has much more in common with Haunted Junction, if anything, and is pretty amusing in its own right.

The sole purpose of Demon Fighter Kocho seems to be to cram as much irreverence into its scant running time as possible. The characters have as much to do with this as anything. Kosaku is the central character, a student in a college inhabited by ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night. The paranormal activity at his college has been increasing steadily, so Kocho, the spunky foreign student, decides that the astrology society should do something about it. They turn to Professor Kamu for help, and along with Kocho's younger sister, Koran, they battle the ghosts inhabiting the college.

Demon Fighter Kocho revels in its silliness and never misses an opportunity to fling out a joke or sight gag. The jokes start immediately with the arrival of Koran, and Kosaku promptly reveals his infatuation with "tittie-boobies". Or there's the spirit summoning involving a rather underdressed (and soon naked) Kocho. Then there's Koran, whose outgoing personality even extends to seducing spirits (but apparently, even ghosts have "performance" problems). It's all quite goofy, with nothing taken seriously (including the plot, as Koran points out to the audience at one point).

The artwork and animation is of typical anime fare and neither enhance nor detract from the viewing experience. The dubbing is another AnimeWorks gem, with a superb, albeit small cast (there are only five speaking characters in the whole show).

While Demon Fighter Kocho may be a fun ride, it's also a short one. With a very modest 30 minutes of running time, it does not offer enough bang for the buck to be worth a purchase in my opinion. And the short running time also limits its repeat viewing capacity. But if you're in the right mood, Demon Fighter Kocho is a decent rental for a half hour of silly fun.

The Verdict: * * * (average)


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