Dirty Pair: Project Eden box cover


Out of print.
80 minutes
Action/Science Fiction
Version I Watched: English dubbed
Objectionable Content: Violence, brief nudity

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Dirty Pair: Project Eden

A lot of fans consider Dirty Pair: Project Eden to be the best of the Dirty Pair movies. That said, I was looking forward to watching it even after being disappointed by Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia. However, this seemed destined to be another case where my expectations exceeded the quality of the product.

Central to any Dirty Pair tale are the "Dirty Pair" themselves, Kei and Yuri. I still don't care for this incarnation of them, and I much prefer the manga and DP Flash versions. While I think a little more flamboyancy couldn't hurt, they still had a few memorable moments.

The story is relatively coherent, if a bit uninspired. Vizorium (a strange metal used in spaceship engines) refinery is attacked by strange creatures and Kei and Yuri are sent to investigate. They soon learn of a mad plot to revive a once-dormant species which they must (naturally) prevent. It's essentially your typically weird monster/mad-scientist-type plot with a little romance on the side. The story doesn't try very hard and ends up following the action/sci-fi formula pretty closely. I suppose if you're expecting this, you shouldn't be disappointed, but probably not overly excited either.

Being a Dirty Pair movie, there's a healthy dose of action, but again, it's not overly enthralling. It's just the repetitive "see monster, kill monster" formula I've come to expect from these sorts of movies. One noticeably irritating part came near the end, during an extended slow-motion battle sequence. The slo-mo effect pretty much sucked out any excitement from that scene and made it more tedious than necessary.

The technical presentation was above average. The art and animation were pretty good, given this movie's age. Voice-acting was decent, but I didn't really like how Kei and Yuri sounded. Kei could have used a bit more "bite" in her voice.

Even though I'm a Dirty Pair fan, I had trouble enjoying this movie. It has some memorable moments, but not enough to justify my recommendation. If you're a DP fan, I'd recommend you watch the Dirty Pair Flash series, instead.

The Verdict: * * 1/2 (below average)