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© 1995 Tatsuya Egawa / Shueisha


Available on VHS and DVD from A.D. Vision.
OAV Series: 6 episodes on 2 VHS tapes or 2 DVDs
25 minutes per episode
Version I Watched: English dubbed & subtitled in English
Objectionable Content: Sexual situations, nudity

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Golden Boy

If I could say only one thing about this anime, it would be don't let your mother see it! This is one series which doesn't even try to hide its intent. So be warned, if sexual humor offends you, then don't even consider this title.

The central focus of this series is Kintaro Oi, college dropout and skirt-chaser extrordanaire. This is one guy anyone could root for (from the male perspective, mind you). Look at his lifestyle: he's good at everything he tries, he has total freedom, and women constantly fall for him (although they usually don't realize it until it's too late). Of course, he's got a perverted side and this lands him in some awkward and hilarious situations.

While the general theme of the series is pretty consistent, the episodes tended to range in quality. Some were no-holds-barred in sexual perversion, particularly the second and fifth episodes. Others, like the third and sixth episode, were a bit more serious. There were some very funny bits, such as Kintaro's race against the Olympic swimmer and his attempts to save an innocent girl from a corporate sleazebag. However, at times this series tried too hard to be funny or had some glaring plot holes (name a software company that *doesn't* backup its computer files). If you enjoy toilet humor (in this case, literally) and are able to overlook a few lapses, then you'll probably find this rather humorous.

Golden Boy is definitely one example of when the English version is better than the original. Kintaro's English voice actor was much better at capturing Kintaro's personality, and as a result, the dubbed version was funnier. However, if you're completely against dubbed anime (you know who you are) then you'll probably enjoy the subtitled version as well.

If you're looking for some laughs laced with sexual perversion, then look no further than Golden Boy. It's not the best comedy out there, but it's pretty good nonetheless.

The Verdict: * * * 1/2 (above average)


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