Battle Team Lakers EX box cover


Available on VHS and DVD from Kitty Media.
60 minutes
Magical Girl/Hentai
Version I Watched: Subtitled in English
Objectionable Content: Nudity, sexual situations, mild violence

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Battle Team Lakers EX

Glancing at the box cover of this video, it came across sounding like a hentai parody of the whole "magical girl" genre. So I rented it thinking it would be good for a hoot.

Boy, was I ever wrong. I'm not entirely sure why this video exists other than to take up space. Take away the few minutes of sexual content and you have something which could pass as a normal "magical girl" anime (albeit a really lame one at that). With the sex thrown in I'm not sure what the heck you have. It's not funny enough to be a parody, yet it's too stupid to be anything else. Characters were hollow, the attempted humor was lame, and the plot was pointless.

The only redeeming feature was the magical girl/hentai concept. I could see this being pulled off well, with barrels of laughs. However, this movie didn't even come close.

Visually, things weren't too bad. The animation was so-so, but the colors were bright and vivid, and the artwork was decent.

In the end, I can't imagine why anyone would want to watch this. If you want magical girl stuff, look elsewhere. Ditto for hentai. This movie was just really, really bad.

The Verdict: * (awful)