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© 1995 Leed Publishing Co. Ltd / Hiroyuki Utatane


Available on VHS and DVD from Critical Mass.
OAV: 2 episodes on 1 VHS tape or 1 DVD
25 minutes per episode
Version I Watched: Subtitled in English
Objectionable Content: Explicit sexual content, violence

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Cool Devices: Volume 1

When Cool Devices first appeared it quickly garnished a rather strong reputation as being the filthiest, kinkiest and nastiest hentai ever produced. Some even noted that it made past ick-flicks like La Blue Girl seem tame by comparison. So, it really was hesitant curiosity that prompted me to watch this video more than anything else.

The first episode is entitled "Curious Fruit" and is centered around a young woman named Ai. She witnesses a couple of exhibitionists putting on a dirty display at a club and becomes somewhat intrigued. She follows the two out of the club and into an alley where they confront her. Ai is both curious and hesitant about going with them, but she succumbs and they lead her into their underground world of S&M.

While I didn't really find "Curious Fruit" to be that overly appealing, it was still an interesting look into the world of S&M. The sheer strangeness of some of the situations took me aback, especially scenes with the "human furniture".

The second episode, "Sacred Girl", takes place in a mansion run by a young man. He seems to get his kicks through voyeurism; that is, watching others have sex. So, after having installed video cameras in almost every room in the mansion, he then fills the mansion with an orgy of people who have sex while he watches (unbeknownst to them). But it gets a little deeper than that, for he also has some sort of attraction to his sister (and not in the wholesome, family sort of way, either). There are a few flashbacks about their sordid past, and eventually things lead into a sexual encounter between the two of them. The whole idea of incest is a icky at best, and this episode pushes the concept pretty far.

I'm not sure how I feel about Cool Devices. I'm sure those into bondage, S&M, and the like will probably enjoy what this video offers. On the other hand, I tend to prefer lightweight, comedic hentai, rather than hardcore stuff. Still, it was a pretty interesting watch, if for no other reason than to see how far the envelope can be pushed.

The Verdict: * * * (average)


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Cool Devices: Volume 1 image
Cool Devices: Volume 1 image
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