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© 1996 Leed Publishing Co. Ltd / Yumisuke Kotoyoshi


Available on VHS and DVD from Critical Mass.
OAV: 2 episodes on 1 VHS tape or 1 DVD
20-25 minutes per episode
Version I Watched: Subtitled in English
Objectionable Content: Explicit sexual content, violence

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Cool Devices: Volume 2

The first volume of Cool Devices was rather kinky, and even a little disturbing. By comparison, the second video seems almost scaled back somewhat. It's an odd reversal, and truthfully, not exactly something which bodes well.

The first "episode" consists of nothing more than three badly animated sex scenes. The first is the oddest, involving a girl dressed like a bunny who is locked up in a cage. Another girl, this one dressed like a cat, appears and the two start, uh, fondling each other. Then the girls' "master" shows up, and, after disciplining the "kitty", proceeds to have sex with both of them. The second and third scenes are much less strange, involving sex in an indoor swimming pool and a public washroom, respectively. Whee.

The second episode actually has some sort of story associated with it, and begins with a couple of rather busty women vacationing on a tropical island. They notice that things seem a little odd on the island, especially since there aren't a lot of people around. It turns out the natives (real ugly natives, I might add) have been kidnapping young women, and in no time these two are the next victims. After being kidnapped, one girl, Rui, is drugged and then has sex with the other, Kirei, against her will. Well, it starts out that Kirei doesn't like it, but then she succumbs and begins to enjoy herself. So, the natives soon subvert Kirei as well and pretty soon she's screwing everyone. There's just one little problem. It seems when these fellows are done with their women, they chuck them down this shaft to their deaths. But all is not lost, for then the women are reincarnated as butterflies. Uh-huh. I really didn't much care for this episode, mainly because the idea of raping and then chucking women down a shaft is just plain wrong. That, and the fact these women were so overly-endowed they were probably suffering from chronic back problems made this episode very unappealing.

I really didn't care for this volume of Cool Devices at all. I suppose fans just looking for kinky sex might get a kick out of it, but why anyone would want to watch badly animated sex scenes instead of the real thing is beyond me. This installment of the Cool Devices series is best left alone.

The Verdict: * 1/2 (very poor)


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Cool Devices: Volume 2 image
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