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Available on VHS from SoftCel Pictures.
1 VHS tape
25 minutes per episode
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Countdown Continued

Countdown Continued is the second video in the Countdown series. Just like the first Countdown, this video is comprised of two episodes, the first being somewhat serious, but the second being a comedy.

The first episode uses the same characters as the first episode on the original Countdown. The story line revolves around a young bride, Akemi, getting married to Kunihiko. On the day of the wedding, however, Miss Jun shows up and gets involved with Akemi right before the ceremony. The tale has a bit of a dark nature to it, and the ending is a little disturbing.

The second episode, though, is quite hilarious. It seems to take place in the future, yet in an area on Earth which is similar to ancient Japan. Basically, some young would-be conqueror starts rampaging through the city kidnapping beautiful girls. When a girl named Kaeda is kidnapped, her boss, Mai, and cyber-enhanced Kuma go after her (and guess what they all end up doing ^^). There's plenty super-deforming and the whole episode is just so ridiculous, but funny at the same time. And the ending had me rolling on the floor in laughter.

The production values are pretty good. Animation-wise, things were fairly average, but the artwork was quite nice.

Basically, if you enjoyed the first Countdown then you'll like Countdown Continued as well.

The Verdict: * * * (average)


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