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© 1993 T. Maede/Daiei Co., Ltd.


Available on VHS and DVD from Anime 18.
OAV Series: 6 episodes on 6 VHS tapes or 3 DVDs
45 minutes per episode
Hentai Fantasy/Horror
Version I Watched: Subtitled in English
Objectionable Content: Graphic violence, explicit sex

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La Blue Girl

Prior to La Blue Girl, I have never watched a "tentacle" hentai, except for a brief scene in Rei Rei that doesn't count. Given that La Blue Girl is probably the second most infamous tentacle hentai behind Urotzkidoji, I figured it would be worth checking out, if only for curiosity's sake—never mind what curiosity did to the cat.

La Blue Girl focuses on a shapely young female named Mido Miko. Miko belongs to the Miroku clan, a band of female ninjas who practice the art of "sex craft" (try saying that aloud without smirking). There are also two other clans—the Shikima, comprised of nasty demons, and the Suzuka, a rival ninja clan. Now, the Mirkou clan possesses some sort of magic seal which allows them control the Shikima. The Suzuka clan wants the seal for themselves, but it is currently in the possession of Miko's grandmother. And with the Suzuka clan out to get the Miroku clan, our heroine Miko is inevitably thrust (hee hee) into the conflict.

What made La Blue Girl bearable to sit through—all four-and-a-half hours of it—was the sheer amount of weird crap contained within. Particularly amusing were some of Miko's "sex craft" abilities, such as being able to shoot out needle-like pubic hairs or turn her clitoris into a giant schlong. We're also treated to cyborg tentacles, sword sex, and incestuous hermaphrodite ninjas. And then there's the crowning glory of weirdness, the "air dildo", a piston-driven contraption that looks like it was assembled from spare lawnmower parts—not to mention operated like one.

While some people might complain that hentai like this are mysyonistic, demeaning to women, and so on, the most prominant characters in this series are female, on both the protagonists and antagonists' sides. Of course, there are still the requisite "innocent virgin"-type girls, whose sole purpose is to be violated eight ways from Sunday by all manner of strange things. But in the end, good triumphs over evil and all the nasty baddies receive their comeuppance.

The production of La Blue Girl is average. Artwork and animation are serviceable, if inconsistant. We'll be treated to some beautifully detailed images one minute, followed by deformed, off-model animation the next. Oddly enough, this even took place during the sex sequences. There was also a quirk on the DVD release I watched. During one of the episodes, the Japanese audio track went horribly out of synch. And rather than subject myself to the dub—words alone cannot describe how painful it is—I opted for silence instead. Since Central Park Media has remastered the DVD, I assume this problem has been fixed.

I find it difficult to judge this kind of hentai. While I'm sure there are people who enjoy the sight of nubile young girls being violated by Jim Hensen rejects and various other paraphernalia, I don't understand the appeal. If it wasn't for the sheer novelty of some of the content, I doubt I would have made it past the first episode. But I did and don't seem much worse for the experience. Even so, I'm in no hurry for the sequel.

The Verdict: * * 1/2 (below average)


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