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© 1997 Rumi Miyamoto/Fujimi Shuppan/Knack


Available on VHS and DVD from Kitty Media.
40 minutes
Version I Watched: Subtitled in English
Objectionable Content: Nudity, explicit sexual content

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Slight Fever Syndrome

Ms. Mizuki is the new school counselor/nurse and is eager to begin her new job helping out the students in the various trials and troubles they face. So how exactly does she help them out? By having sex with them, of course! It seems that most of the troubles facing the students (and even a teacher, to boot!) revolve around some sort of sexual dilemma. From a student just learning to masturbate to a teacher with an appetite for anal sex, l'il Ms. Mizuki is the one they all turn to. And why not? She's more than happy to help in any way she can.

I actually had some hopes that a high-school, oops, I mean "college" setting would provide equal opportunity for both humorous situations as well as sex. After all, what would be funnier than say, a couple teachers (or students) getting caught with their pants down in the janitor's closet? Heck, it worked on Simpsons, why not here, too? Unfortunately, Slight Fever Syndrome really doesn't try to be anything more than an out-and-out porn movie. There are some "attempts" at characterization and story-telling, but really those are just lead-ins for various sex scenes (of which there a half-dozen, with most a bit on the short side). I guess if that's all you're looking for then you won't be disappointed, and Slight Fever Syndrome doesn't really feature anything too outlandish for a hentai flick. The only thrill seems to be watching high-school, er, "college" students doing it.

The character designs, though, are a tad weird looking. The art does sport your traditional "cute" anime-style characters, but it seems the artists when a bit heavy on the mascara. Some of these girls looked, well, scary. And not in a sexually-appealing Vampirella kind of way, either.

It's also worth noting that it's uncensored. Well, kind of. You'll see genitalia, but they look rather strange, particularly for the male half. Picture a guy with a hot dog bun for a schlong, and you'll get the idea.

In terms of production qualities... does anyone really care? It's a hentai flick, so set your expectations on "low". Actually, it wasn't too bad, although Kitty did stick text overlays all over the place, of which a couple looked pretty bad. The translation had me a little curious, though. In one scene, a teacher is reminiscing about the first time she had anal sex. She tells her lover that she'll "lose her strength" if he touches her there. And while they're doing it, she keeps saying how she's "losing her strength". Huh?

So did I enjoy Slight Fever Syndrome? To be honest, not really. I don't mind watching "normal" hentai every once in awhile, but Slight Fever Syndrome was kind of, well, boring. I suppose those looking for tentacle-free hentai and aren't expecting anything in terms of humor or plot will be satisfied with it, but anyone looking for something with more than just hentai sex will end up disappointed.

The Verdict: * * 1/2 (below average)


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