Hurricane Polymar box cover


Available on VHS from Urban Vision.
OAV Series: 2 episodes on 1 VHS tape
30 minutes per episode
Version I Watched: English dubbed
Objectionable Content: Violence, nudity

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Hurricane Polymar

Hurricane Polymar is one of those anime that doesn't seem to know what it's all about. Oscillating back and forth between serious action and ridiculous comedy, it's hard to figure out exactly what the creators were shooting for.

The plot itself is very thin, revolving around a group of terrorists threatening to eradicate humanity. A group of scientists working on the Polymar project have created a helmet capable of transforming the wearer into a superhero named, well, Polymar. Enter Takeshi, a relatively normal youth, trying to earn a living working for detective Kuruma. He accidentally discovers the Polymar helmet and of course, this soon leads him into direct conflict with the terrorists.

On a comedic level, Polymar is so exaggerated that it's really not very funny at all. Pure slapstick humor is not my thing to begin with, but the off-the-wall situations and blatant "in-your-face" gags are just too silly and obvious for my tastes.

Of course, the fact that I couldn't find a single likable character didn't help matters. Kuruma and Takeshi, the two detectives, were, simply put, complete idiots. Actually Takeshi wasn't actually too bad compared to Kuruma, who's bumbling persona and repetitive gags got old _very_ quickly (how many times does this guy have to fall into the water?). On the villain side, things are actually a bit worse. The main foes are these wackos in shark outfits called "Cat Sharks" serving a group of enhanced humans known as "Plutos" (who comes up with these names?). Needless to say, one look at these guys and I almost bust a gut laughing. And not because they were supposed to be funny. Oh, and there's also Teru, who, while esthetically pleasing, is a just plain nuts (although watching her K.O. Kuruma brought a smile to my lips).

This brings us to the action element. Now unlike action scenes in most anime, which rely to heavily on still-shots and speed-lines, the action in Polymar is lightning quick and very fluid. Unfortunately, though, there's too little action to make it worth watching, especially given the crap you have to wade through to get to it.

On a technical level, things are pretty mediocre. The artwork itself is pretty good, with lots of vivid colors, but with the exception of the fight scenes, the animation is pretty poor (and nonexistent sometimes). The English voice-acting wasn't all that awful, but it wasn't that great either. Some acting was fairly hokey, usually during the preludes to the fights.

I can't really recommend Hurricane Polymar. I suppose fans of anime like the Guyver might get a kick out of it, but anyone who's looking for substance should steer clear of it.

The Verdict: * * (poor)