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Available on VHS and DVD from ADV Films.
90 minutes
Version I Watched: Subtitled in English
Objectionable Content: Graphic violence

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Curse of the Undead Yoma

Number of reviews: 6
Average rating: * * * * (good)

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Reviewed by: PHENTERMINE (2006-08-14)

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Rating: * * * * (good)

Reviewed by: PHENTERMINE (2006-08-13)

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Rating: * * * * * (excellent)

Reviewed by: VikShade (2004-11-24)

While I admit that Curse Of Yoma is no Ninja Scroll I ask you - What movie is??? If we expect every movie to be as good as Ninja Scroll, we will undoubtedly be dissappointed time and again.

I do however, feel that Blood Riegn: Curse of the Undead Yoma is a pretty good movie in its own right. I agree that the artwork is gray and pasty, but I also see this as a tool to convey almost a gothic sense of horror to the story and apprieciate it for that.

The story, while somewhat predictable does follow along some very interesting turns, like the village of the undead for instance. The song that Iya sings in the forest is hauntingly beautiful, and I feel that though the main character is fully developed and while he may seem emotionless on the outside, there is an obvious inner struggle as to how he will deal with his orders to slay his friend Marou when he finds him.

The Background story is wonderfully detailed, but not so much as to bog down the movie with a lot of unrelated information. and the Monsters are Freakin Cool as simple as they are (giant spiders and snakes to Moth-women and zombies). The combat is also awesome but quick.

The worst thing about this movie is the weak dialogue and character interaction. If you don't pay attention to something that is said, you'll be going "huh how come that just happened?".

I am currently running this story as a adventure thread in my Mystic China RPG (palladium), and it's great beacuse I'm going to introduce Nightbane characters. This movie was both entertaining and a Great source of adventure ideas and encounters, and I loved it.

Rating: * * * * (good)

Reviewed by: aya fan (2003-05-30)

I loved this movie. It had a great plot and great graphics. Most of the reviews I've read say that this movie sucks. I whole heartedly disagree. This is the best anime on earth, with deep characters and pretty little sub-plots. It had a touching ending and great action scenes. The counting song that aya sang was really great, and Hikage's love for his friend Marou was very understanable. I loved this film?Maybe everyone who didn't like this movie should get off it's case and quit making me angry!

Rating: * * * * * (excellent)

Reviewed by: Ryan (2001-03-04)

I agree wholeheartedly with the review already posted. I just wanted to add that this has also been cut to fifty minutes and re-released in dub format as Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma by ADV films and was on the "Encore: Action" channel(feb. 20, 2001). I haven't seen the full 90 minute version, I'm not sure whether to expect it to be better or worse than the dub. The animation was poor and the colors seemed too washed out and dull. The backgrounds were detailed but still drab. It had a chance to be a good story but fell short in plot details and left you guessing a lot with no real way to get attached to the characters or know why they were doing what they were doing. If you want to see a good ninja-action film you're better off watching Ninja Scroll.

Rating: * * (poor)

Reviewed by: thatquietkid (2000-08-15)

It seems whenever that this anime is reviewed it is always compared to Ninja Scroll. I can see where people make the comparison between the two. But, if you get down to it, they are very different. Ninja Scroll is much more violent and adult themed anime. While Yoma relies primariley on atmosphere. I like Ninja Scroll but I do enjoy watching Yoma more often. It contains an eerie feeling that I enjoy. Ninja Scroll and Yoma, very similar, but in the end, are two completely different genres of anime.

Rating: * * * * * (excellent)


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