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A Wind Named Amnesia box cover


Available on VHS and DVD from U.S. Manga Corps.
80 minutes
Science Fiction
Version I Watched: Subtitled in English
Objectionable Content: Violence, sexual situations, nudity

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A Wind Named Amnesia

I really, really wanted to like this one, folks. Honestly. I love this kind of science fiction; deep, pondering stuff with a nifty premise. Unfortunately, good premise and good execution are two entirely different things.

The story begins with lots of promise. A strange wind has wiped out all knowledge from humankind. One man staves off the wind's effect and tries to survive in an anarchical world. The effects of the loss of knowledge are presented very well; people scrounging for food, cities deserted and in disarray. The art was nice to look at, and all the scenes were very moody. I must say, after about the first ten minutes I thought I had a winner on my hands.

However, all the great feelings I had about this movie began too mull as I continued to watch it. The characters tended to be a bit on the stale side. The main, "tough guy", hero was pretty boring and uninspired, as were pretty much everyone else (especially those with the amnesia). As a result, I never got attached to any of the characters.

My main gripe, though, was the inconstant pacing. There's a decent amount of action early on, and I think this contributed to my initial enjoyment. However, soon things lapse into sheer boredom as events slow to a crawl. Of course, things do pick up a bit at the end, but not enough to perk my interest. And then there's the lackluster ending. It was probably supposed to leave me pondering the fate of humanity. Actually, I was just wondering why I wasted my money on this.

A decent premise, but poor execution sums up A Wind Named Amnesia. If you're into deep, dramatic science fiction then you *might* want to consider renting this title. However, I don't recommend that you do.

The Verdict: * * (poor)