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Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail

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Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2010 Duration: 33 min. per ep. Type: Episodes: 5 Posted by: AC Released on: Updated on:

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Synopsis Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail

Crime never sleeps in Roanapur, and neither does Roberta—a devoted maid and skilled guerilla soldier in service to the Venezuelan Lovelace family. After the assassination of her superior by the US Secret Service, Roberta returns to the city of debauchery in search of vengeance and his killer's head.

Meanwhile, young Fernando Garcia Lovelace, the new heir to his father's estate, tails Roberta to Thailand alongside his bodyguard, Fabiola Iglesias. He enlists the help of the Lagoon Company, with the objective of deterring Roberta's warpath and bringing her back to the family. However, with the continued bloodshed and mounting tensions between Roberta, island crime factions, and the US military, it will take a significant amount of strategy—and weaponry—to stop her relentless quest for revenge.

Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail – A Thrilling Anime Worth Your Time!

In our ever-continuing journey into the vast landscape of anime, today’s stop is none other than the much renowned OVA “Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail.” An anime filled to the brim with edgy characters, riveting plot twists and jaw-dropping action sequences, it’s time to delve into this review and see whether the anime is a stream, rent or buy!

A Brief Synopsis

The story continues from Black Lagoon’s two seasons, centered on the ‘Maid Terminator’, Roberta. Once the loyal maid to the Lovelace family, Roberta descends into a hurricane of blood and violence as she embarks on a vendetta against those responsible for the assassination of the Lovelace family head. A complex web of politics, power, and manipulation unfolds as she tears through anyone who stands in her path, leaving only destruction in her wake.

The chilling tale doesn’t stop there. The ‘Lagoon Company’ mercenaries – the rough around the edges Rock, deadly Revy, tech-savvy Benny and ex-mafia Dutch get embroiled in Roberta’s mission and are forced to confront their own turbulent past and uncertainties, making for a thrilling, high octane journey that pushes the envelope of morally grey storytelling.

Detailed Review

Black Lagoon’s previous two seasons established a distinct, visceral tone that immediately set it apart from other shows in the genre. “Roberta’s Blood Trail” takes this groundwork and delivers more blood, more intrigue, and more moral ambiguity, wrapped up in an incendiary action package that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

The animation by studio Madhouse is top-notch – demonstrating fluid action sequences, detailed backgrounds, and expressive character designs. Roberta’s journey from poised maid to unhinged agent of destruction is visually depicted with finesse and intensity that does justice to her character’s relentless persona.

Despite being primarily about Roberta’s quest, the OVA uses this platform to dive deeper into the Lagoon Company’s characters. The moral challenges they face, their evolving relationships and inner demons play out as entertaining subplots, illustrating the inescapability of their pasts.

The script achieves an effective balance between delivering entertainment and broaching complex societal and ethical issues. The intense dialogue and narrative arcs are made all the more compelling with performances by an excellent cast who give life to the intricate personalities of the characters. Particularly, Megumi Toyoguchi’s turn as Revy is a standout!

The music compliments the dark and edgy tone perfectly, with intense rock numbers adding to the adrenaline-fueled confrontation sequences. Further, the opening and ending themes are a perfect blend of gritty tonality and engaging melody, making them memorable add-ons to the overall experience.

The Verdict

“Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail” is a stunningly dark yet compelling anime that drives home a gritty narrative of vengeance, wrapped up in exhilarating action. If you’re a fan of Black Lagoon’s first two seasons, you’re in for an absolute treat as the OVA takes things up a notch.

Whether you’re new to the franchise or a returning fan, I can’t recommend “Roberta’s Blood Trail” enough! This is a must-watch anime that I would recommend buying or at the very least, streaming, as it’s an experience that will leave you at the edge of your seat and raring for more.

Everything from its story, characters, animation, and soundtrack, down to its cinematic action sequences is expertly crafted, making it an unforgettable anime experience. So, put this one on your list if it’s not there already – you won’t regret it!

Final Score

With all factors considered, I give “Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail” a well-deserved score of 8.5 out of 10.

Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail
8.02 / 10 Reviewer
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Roberta's Blood Trail offers intense action and a darker, more complex narrative that deepens the Black Lagoon storyline. The animation quality continues to be superb, with highly detailed and fluid battle scenes that prove to be visually impressive.
The OVA series of Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail may feel overtly violent and gory for some viewers. The exploration of Roberta's descent into madness is also too intense and dark, which detracts from some of the fun, adventurous elements found in the previous seasons.
Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail is an adrenaline-pumping anime series that takes the audience on an unpredictable ride. The series highlights Roberta's violent vendetta, keeping viewers hooked with intense fight scenes and complex characters. The unique blend of grit, chaos, and dark comedy makes this anime a must-watch.
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Characters & Voice Actors

Revy Main
Okajima, Rokurou Main
Roberta Main
Tomizawa, Michie Japanese
Dutch Main
Isobe, Tsutomu Japanese
Benny Main
Hirata, Hiroaki Japanese
Iglesias, Fabiola Main
Yukino, Satsuki Japanese
Fernando Lovelace, Garcia Main
Ikura, Kazue Japanese
Balalaika Supporting
Koyama, Mami Japanese
Eda Supporting
Karasawa, Jun Japanese
Chang, Bai Ji-Shin Supporting

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